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2021 Questionnaire Feedback

2022 Questionniare Feedback


A support worker stated that Ability Case Management was: “An excellent company to work for.”

Legal representatives have stated that: ‘Dave and Ed are both great with the clients they support and they are very easy for me to get hold of. They have always been approachable and helpful.’ When asked if they would recommend Ability Case Management ‘Yes they are professional and provide a good client focused service… Have faith in Dave Lowe. Excellent CM.’ ‘Absolutely – very impressed with the work I’ve seen so far from Ed Leonards.’

A family member stated that: ‘Our case manager (Natalie Johnson) has been professional and caring throughout this trying period. She has advised and given us prompt and full answers to our queries which have helped us enormously. We feel she has fully supported us whether on or off duty and we couldn’t have asked for a better case manager, thank you Natalie!’
Another family member stated: ‘My son’s carers are great, they have been with for many years and happy with case manager. Thank you!’

A client stated: ‘David Lowe is my caseworker… I can trust him, he made me feel that. As long as I don’t have any family or friends here, I can feel that he acts in my best interest. I’m so glad for having him beside me.’

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