CQC Registration

Ability Case Management are pleased to inform everyone that we are now registered with the CQC for Personal Care.

Not every client using Ability Case Management falls under the CQC but registering means we can now accept more clients who would be under the CQC.

David Lowe is the nominated individual and Eloise Bartlett is the registered manager.


Learning about the Accessibility Information Standard (AIS) 2016:

The AIS applies to people who use a service and have information or communication needs because of a: Disability, Impairment, Sensory Loss.

There are 5 steps of AIS:

Identify – How we assess for disability communication needs, how we find out if people have needs, how services plan to meet needs.

Record – Findings.

Flag – How do we flag communication needs in the service users’ records?

Share – Findings.

Meet – The needs of the individuals. 

Monitoring and Inspection – CQC staff will speak with staff and people using the service to ensure these needs are being met. 



Ability Case Management are looking to recruit another case manager with a background in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, or social work. If you have anyone in mind who would recommend, please let us know.

Review of Journals

During our journal discussion this month we spoke about a disrupted sleep pattern predicting next day agitation following moderate -severe brain injury.  

The journal stated that there was a relationship between disrupted sleep and agitation for patients with traumatic brain injury undergoing inpatient rehab.

The journal found sleep efficiency and total sleep time was significantly lower for patients with agitation than those who are not agitated. 



On 05/11/2021 we had Brain Injury Training with Dr Wall and Dr Mercer. Several support workers from different teams, case managers, and associate case managers attended.

We all learnt a lot and have different ideas to take back to our work with us.

Recently Eloise attended training on maintaining and improving CQC compliance. During this she found out that coming up the CQC will complete their inspections by 80% ‘intelligent monitoring’ which means we may just receive an email to state we’ve been inspected without seeing an inspector. These could be based on safeguarding alerts, food hygiene, sharing information with other agencies. Whereas 20% will be in person.

Now the CQC aim to be proactive rather than reactive.

Meet the Team

Caroline Wardle –
Administrator & Compliance Assistant

I joined Ability Case Management in October 2019. My main role is to assist our case managers with the day-to-day management of their caseloads. My other duties include recruitment of support staff, processing timesheets/expenses, organising staff training, managing the client & staff databases, disclosure of case management records, auditing and compliance.