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Co-ordinating services for adults whose lives are affected by injury

Co-ordinating services for adults whose lives are affected by injury

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ability Case Management to clients and instructing parties.” Dr Gavin Newby, Neuropsychologist
“….can I just say Dave it’s like a breath of fresh air having you on board! ” Service User
“Our case manager (Natalie Johnson) has been professional and caring throughout this trying period.” Service User
“My son’s carers are great, they have been with us many years and happy with case manager. Thank you!” Family Member
“Ed’s approach was flawless in building trust, putting together a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team and gradually introducing support” Gary Herbert, Solicitor
“Dave works tirelessly and diligently for the client. He is knowledgeable, fastidious and person centred.” Dr Gemma Wall, Neuropsychologist
“I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance through my recruitment process and to reiterate how happy I am in my position.” Support Worker
“I have no hesitation in instructing Ability CM” Solicitor
“Ed has been central to helping our client transition from a residential rehabilitation unit to now purchasing his own property.” Lisa Lodge, Financial Deputy

Person-centred rehabilitation and support

Ability Case Management coordinates person-centred rehabilitation and support for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and/or Orthopaedic Injury. 

Key Areas Covered

Ability Case Management provide an independent service with a duty of care to the client and their family members. Our aim is to support clients achieve their full potential after injury.

Health & Wellbeing

Ability Case Management will assess individual’s health and wellbeing status post injury in the below areas.

Through case management intervention, our aim is to help individual’s restore their health and wellbeing to a status as close as possible to that held pre-injury.

– Medical
– Physical
– Sensory
– Cognitive
– Emotional & Social Behaviour
– Psychiatric

Activities of Daily Living

Ability Case Management will assess how the individual’s health and wellbeing status impacts on their functional ability post injury in the below areas.

In partnership with the individual and their family members, we will identify, plan and implement a course of intervention that strives towards developing independence, quality of life and safety.

– Personal Care Tasks (Washing, dressing, toileting etc.)
– Domestic Tasks (Shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.)
– Productivity Tasks (Relationships, employment, education etc.)
– Community Tasks (Driving, transport etc.)
– Leisure Tasks (Holidays, social activities etc.)


As part of a goal-oriented rehabilitation programme we will network approved service providers.

We will take responsibility for coordinating and managing the rehabilitation team.

We will monitor the rehabilitation provided and adjust goals and input accordingly in response to changing needs and wishes.

In cases where rehabilitation is provided via specialist residential services, we will advocate for our clients to ensure that the services provided are focused and appropriate.

Equipment & Transport

Having the correct equipment in place can make a world of difference in terms of an individual’s independence, quality of life and safety. We can be involved in assessment of vehicles, wheelchairs and other equipment aids.


Having the correct accommodation in place can make a world of difference in terms of an individual’s independence, quality of life and safety.

We can assess and signpost individuals to network adaptations and/or environmental controls to existing/future accommodation.

Care & Support

Some individuals will require direct care and support to help them maintain a fulfilling life in the community. Ability Case Management will oversee that the support provided is on a least restrictive basis.

Support can be networked via our approved agency providers. In cases where the client/deputy act as employer, we are able to provide the following services for management of support staff:

– Selection and recruitment
– Pre-employment checks and induction
– Supervision, training and appraisal
– Completion of support worker documentation

Finances & Funding

Ability Case Management will signpost and facilitate assessments to assist with funding for rehabilitation and support. We are also available to assist with welfare benefit applications.

Education & Training

Ability Case Management are committed to providing training and development opportunities to enable good quality and competent support staff for our clients. Our training is therefore delivered in person from a dedicated and accredited training coordinator.

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